Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Goofy Visits the Cable Store

So I call up my buddies at Time Warner Cable to figure out how much blood I will need to shed in order for my new HDTV to actually get an HD signal. Surprise of surprises...it's FREE! I didn't think anything from the cable company was free! Not even their silly version of the TV Guide is free ($2.75 a month...ouch!)

All I need to do is disconnect my cable converter box, take it into the Time Warner store and exchange it for an HDTV converter box.

So I did. And this is what happened...

As I walk in the door, I notice a large gathering of customers, each clutching a different species of cable box in their hot little hands. I also notice a very-large-print sign on the door declaring that they are out of HD converter boxes and they won't have more until next week.

I ignore the sign. I take a number. I wait. I realize how heavy a cable converter box is.

Finally, my number is called.

Me: Hi! (smile and pause) I'm HOPING that you all have an HD converter box for me. (smile again, sweetly)

Time Warner Cable Girl: Um...that IS an HD converter box you have there. (points to the metal box in my hands)

Me: Um...NO! It's not.

TWCG: Yep. It is.

Me: No, it's not!! (what are you...stupid?) We've had this box for a year and a half! (No, I'm not sure what my logic was here, either)

TWCG: See the HDTV logo on the front. (points) You've already got one! (now she smiles sweetly)

Me: (stammering now) Well...why aren't we getting HDTV then!?!? (Huh? HUH??)

Me (answering my own question): Wait...Oh...yeah...we didn't get an HDMI cable yet...that's probably why. (starting to eat a nice-sized portion of crow now)

TWCG: Yes, you will need an HDMI cable. Just plug that in and....blah, blah, blah......

Me: (nodding, not listening to instructions because I'm feeling stupid now that I unplugged my HDTV box to go exchange it for another HDTV box...duh)

TWCG: Well, that was easy! Have a good day!

As I turn to leave, I notice that other folks in the cable waiting room are eyeing my HDTV box hungrily and realize that I have something that they cannot get until next week. I hug my HDTV box (!!) tightly, run to my car and speed off.