Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Endangered Species: Combs?

What has happened to combs?!?! Combs are disappearing from the face of the earth. We must act fast to save this endangered species!

I don't typically think about combs much. Okay, really not at all. I use one in the morning to detangle my hair. Well, my comb broke last week. I went to buy a new one.

I must admit that my comb is kind of specialized. But how specialized can it really be? It's a comb, for crying out loud!

Anyway, here's my beloved (and now fatally injured) comb:

It's a Scunci Soft Comfort Grip™ Lift-and-Tease Comb. Call me high-maintanance, but this comb rocks!

And I not only found it impossible to find a replacement for my rockin' comb, I had a really difficult time finding any combs at all!

I looked at CVS and Walgreen's. No luck. They had mainly the gigantic, big-toothed combs. I don't have that much hair! Then I tried Beauty Express and Beauty Brands. These places were pathetic! They only had the barber-shop black bare-bones combs.

Everyone I asked seemed very apologetic that they didn't have more combs. Where have all the combs gone!?!? Is there some sort of comb boycott going on? Is someone stockpiling combs for some sort of comb revolution? Am I just old school for even using a comb?

I'm perplexed.

If someone can find this near-extinct comb somewhere, I'm offering a reward!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Laugh of the Day

Time Warner Cable...always good for a laugh.

This page on their website helps you understand your bill. Supposedly. It really doesn't explain why I was charged $3.99 for renting "Callejon De Los Mila". *

But that's not the funny part.

Take a look at the second graphic - "Back of Bill". Take a close look at what our friend Jane Customer has been renting, under "Movies and Events"....

"The Nasty Professor"!?!??! (not The Nutty Professor, which would be the G-rated movie with our pal Eddie Murphy). I'm thinking porno.

Jane, you need a date, girl!
*I think this means "Alley of the somethingorothers" - kudos to anyone who can help translate. Callejon is 'alley', but "mila" is not in my Spanish dictionary at all.