Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's the End of the World as We Know It....

and I don't feel fine. I feel pretty fucking nervous.

Goofy Junior is now officially 2-1/2 years old and 36" tall. Why is this important? Because he is now officially "too big" for the crib he currently sleeps in*.

The crib that keeps him warm and safe and best of all contained so that when he:
a) doesn't want to go to bed;
b) wakes up early;
c) wakes up in the night; or
d) screams through his nap,

we can feel confident that we can effectively ignore him until:

a) he gives in and goes to sleep;
b) we are ready to get up;
c) he falls back asleep; or
d) we give up and get the screaming child that will 15 minutes later fall asleep in the car.

Freedom....Gone! History. This really sucks. But it's inevitable, so we are dealing. Slowly.

The biggest decision right now is a new bed. There are multiple ways to go on this one...

Do we:
a) convert the crib to a "toddler day bed" (kind of a daybed with sides so sleeping toddler does not roll onto floor and wake self and rest of household)
b) buy a toddler bed (a lower, short bed with short sides, kinda like a giant litter box**)
c) buy a full-blown twin bed (if you don't know what this is, stop reading now)

An informal survey of other parents (okay, only two) leads me to believe that folks just jump to option c) twin bed. Of course, of all the options, this is the most expensive. Double damn!

I personally like my own option, call it d) if you will....get a kid-sized pup tent and put it up in place of the crib. Before you mock, listen up!

What kid wouldn't want a tent to sleep in every night? It's fun! Yet, it's contained. No, we wouldn't zip him in there. ...Well, not if he was cooperative about sleeping in there. It's low to the ground - if he rolls out, he's just on the floor and probably wouldn't even wake up. It doesn't take up much room (unlike twin bed, which we don't have room for). It's roomy. He can roll around in there and sleep in whatever position he wants, with as many stuffed friends as he wants. Plus there's the added bonus that when we go camping, he already relates a tent to sleeping. I think it's a great idea. However, I keep getting "Did you just fall off the face of the sun?" looks when I mention this to people.

I'm not getting a stupid race car bed. I'm not! I'm not! Absolutely NOT! Never!

* This is not an unbiased opinion...this comes straight for our All Knowing/All Seeing Pediatrician. Damn her!

** Speaking of litter box, there's the whole potty training issue looming large in the Goofy household. More blogging fun to come on that topic!


Anonymous said...

Dude, we have no room for a twin bed in This Old House. We will be going to a toddler bed when the little angel hits the height limit. They're cheap, cheap, cheap, and it doesn't matter if the child colors all over it or some other such thing while getting used to it. Also, gate the door and you'll *sort of* still have that freedom, according to It's Only Me Girl.

I will mourn it when I get to it, too. We're not converting the little angel until she gets too tall or it's time to potty train. I like the freedom of the crib, as well.

Me said...

This is me having no sympathy. The Little Man has been in the BBB since 13 months. Welcome to the world of "No, you need to get back in bed" to infinity. I highly recommend a gate at the door.

We did the toddler daybed option - saves money for a while, not a lot of hassle, child is used to it, etc. Also, have taken to using the Pack & Play on particularly difficult nights (he can't get out of that one yet!)

Good luck to the Goofy's!

Jane said...

They have tents that fit over a twin bed, kind of like an extra fitted sheet. Maybe you could go that route.

mboardman said...

why do you think twin beds are expensive? they arent....unless you insist on shopping at nice stores. a matress is a matress is a matress. maybe $100 tops for everything. you spend that on coffee alone.

but i do like the tent idea. may lead to serious issues once he goes on to college though.

Goofy Girl said...

I don't spend $100 for coffee! It would take me a good month to drink that much coffee. ;-)