Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A New Toy!

It's pretty sad when you get really excited about a mixer. But this isn't just any mixer. Oh no. This is the KitchenAid Artisan 5-speed mixer, baby. With 325 watts of pure mixing power.

I got the cobalt blue color, 'cause I figured if I got a sports car that's what color I'd get. Red is just too showy for me... ;-)

I'm going to whip up all sorts of yummy baked goods with this bad boy.



Cagey said...

Looking forward to sampling some of those "yummy goods".

Congrats on the new gadget - you will really use that one!

Jane said...

Welcome to the Kitchen Aid mixer cult! I've always said that if anything happened to my mixer, I'd hock my car to get a new one.

Try the French bread and pizza dough recipes from the recipe book that came with it. They're both staples for me.

lww said...

just wanted to say I've had my KA for about 5 years (refurb from KA website)
blue like yours.
I love it. Use it every week.

Try freezer jam when strawberries are cheap. So easy, just strawberries and
sugar. Then get out a jar from the freez
when you feel a special occasion coming