Thursday, October 18, 2007

Need Help with Veggies!

I need some good Halloween food ideas. Alex's class is having a party next week and we signed up to bring veggies. Well, veggies are BORING.

How can I Halloween-ize some veggies to make them fun for a 4-year-old party?

I thought about carving baby carrots into tiny pumpkins and well, that's just ridiculous. I thought about modifying Cagey's Ghosts in the Graveyard dessert for veggies, but what would the 'dirt' be? You don't really dip veggies into anything brown, typically. EW.

Who's got a good creative idea that I can try? With limited time commitment please!


mamagotcha said...

One of the coolest Halloween things I ever saw was a smallish pumpkin with a face drawn on, the top carved off and insides scooped out, filled with chunky guacamole as BRAINS! ewwww!

Maybe use thick-peeled (and iced so they curl) or thinly coined carrots as the dipping tools, and call 'em lobotomy instruments?

Have fun!

lorib said...

Check out for some fun Halloween themed recipes -- Rest in Peas (gravestone toasts resting in a pea dip) could also be made with guacamole. Not exactly a vegetable, but the Mashed Bootato ghosts are so cute.

You could use dark rye bread crumbs for dirt over a base of veggie dip to make a graveyard and tiny baby squash for pumpkins.

Reggiemonster said...
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Reggiemonster said...

Here's a black bean dip and crudite platter int he shape of a cat skeleton that I thought looked pretty cool: