Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Endangered Species: Combs?

What has happened to combs?!?! Combs are disappearing from the face of the earth. We must act fast to save this endangered species!

I don't typically think about combs much. Okay, really not at all. I use one in the morning to detangle my hair. Well, my comb broke last week. I went to buy a new one.

I must admit that my comb is kind of specialized. But how specialized can it really be? It's a comb, for crying out loud!

Anyway, here's my beloved (and now fatally injured) comb:

It's a Scunci Soft Comfort Grip™ Lift-and-Tease Comb. Call me high-maintanance, but this comb rocks!

And I not only found it impossible to find a replacement for my rockin' comb, I had a really difficult time finding any combs at all!

I looked at CVS and Walgreen's. No luck. They had mainly the gigantic, big-toothed combs. I don't have that much hair! Then I tried Beauty Express and Beauty Brands. These places were pathetic! They only had the barber-shop black bare-bones combs.

Everyone I asked seemed very apologetic that they didn't have more combs. Where have all the combs gone!?!? Is there some sort of comb boycott going on? Is someone stockpiling combs for some sort of comb revolution? Am I just old school for even using a comb?

I'm perplexed.

If someone can find this near-extinct comb somewhere, I'm offering a reward!


Yvonne said...

sally's beauty supply should have something similar. If not, try cvs. that's all i've got.

Goofy Girl said...

I tried CVS - their selection was pitiful! Sally's is a good idea. I'll check that out. Thanks!

Cagey said...

ME TOO. I have had a nightmare of a time getting a good detangling comb. NIGHTMARE. Please report back. Now, I have incentive to do some serious searching. My big issue is that I want something with a HANDLE. I guess that is freakin' old school now or something. Argh.

Average Jane said...

I know this sounds silly, but you might want to try Ebay. I've had the same problem trying to find a nice, wide-toothed comb. The one I ended up with is inferior in every way to my old comb.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Goofy Girl... My stylist checked out my Scunci - exactly like yours - a couple of months ago and wants a few so I thought I'd look. I found it on the website under the header "grooming" - 'Soft Comfort Grip Lift & Tease Comb' Style #18461 - but there are no prices listed or ordering options given on this site - just product descriptions... Oh well!

Nicole said...

I just found your blog as I was using Google to find my favorite comb! Turns out, it was your favorite as well. You have no idea to the extent I have gone to find this amazing comb!! Did you even end up finding it? If so, where??

Goofy Girl said...

Nicole -
No! I never found this comb ANYWHERE. I am still looking. If I discover it, I'll post something here. I have duct tape on my broken comb, but it's on its last leg... :-(

Nicole said...

Goofy Girl -
It's our lucky day! My sister found the endangered comb last night!!! She bought me two and I may have to go buy the whole store out. I saw you are from KC too so I will of course leave you one. ;) Are you ready for this? Our favorite comb was found at Sears Grand off of Shawnee Msn Pkwy. Hurry up and go now!

Goofy Girl said...


I don't have a way to DM you, but THANK YOU!!! When I saw your comment I was literally across the street from the Sears Grand (at the library - FYI)! Good karma, huh? I rushed across the street and bought not one, not two, but THREE awesome combs. No chance of being without one now. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!