Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Beach Volleyball Swimsuit too Small?


I am sick of hearing complaints about the Olympic beach volleyball women's "tiny" swimsuits.

Anyone who has ever actually, oh I dunno, PLAYED beach volleyball understands the reason.

The details...
- Loose swimsuit = chaffing + jiggling of the sisters upstairs
- More-coverage swimsuit = hot (it's fricking hard to MOVE in sand...hello?)
- One-piece swimsuit = restricted movement

In short, anything other than a skin-tight, small, two-piece suit will result in a distraction to the athlete. I'm sure some athletes would play naked if there wasn't a risk of sand in their girlie-bits. Been there. Owie!


Mojavi said...

right and picking that HUGE wedgie after every serve isn't just as distracting because it doesn't FIT the actual size of their ass...

Anonymous said...

so how come the men can wear one that covers their ass without all this chaffing? it is one of my favorite sports- heck anyone can play it- its really fun even if you arent good!