Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I Must Confess...

I did it. I'm not proud, but I did it. I cheated on my hairdresser.

I was having a bad day in general and also hair-wise. I left for lunch, which included the obligatory bad-day-Lamar's donut. Right next to Lamar's was the salon. A crazy thought struck me: Just walk in...just do one has to know...

No. I pushed the thought away. I have to eat lunch and get back to work. But the thought lingered. I went away and ate my lunch. Then in a moment of weakness, I went back. I walked through the doors and was greeted with warm smiles. Certainly they could fit me in. Have a seat. Want a magazine? How about a beverage? Ahhhhhh.

Do I have regrets? Unfortunately no. The smell of my hairdresser-mistress P.'s shampoo was intoxicating. Her tools and techniques were new and exciting. I found myself smiling with satisfaction.

As I drove back to work, the consequences of my actions hit me. Oh no! What if K. (my regular hairdresser) sees me? She will know immediately that I've strayed. I've cheated! This dilemna is compounded by the fact that K. is not only my hairdresser, but also a good friend and a somewhat of a business partner for my jewelry business. She is leaving for an out-of-the-country trip. Could I avoid her until she came back? Could I pretend that the new hairstyle was my doing? Surely not. She would never buy that. She'd seen my hacker's work with the scissors before.

What if I was tempted to go back? Surely this was a one time thing...meaningless. But damn, the hairstyle was good. And the next day I was able to replicate it. Somewhat. I can never do that with K.'s cut. Oh, the guilt... Is vanity worth the price? Hmmmm....hell yes!

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