Friday, October 08, 2004

Bring Back my Beefcake!

I watch Survivor...religiously. I've watched it since the first season, and haven't missed a show yet. I've recently come to a harsh realization. One of the reasons I watch Survivor is to see scantily-clan, hot young men on a tropical island. First, I was shocked to realize this about myself. Second, I'm pissed, because the beefcake is disappearing right before my eyes!

This season, the older, more round-y men on the Lopevi tribe have decided to start voting off the young hotties. They figure that team-be-damned, they are going to eliminate the threat of competing against these younger guys that actually remove their ass from the couch periodically to do something more aerobic than opening the fridge. First Brook got their vote (no big loss - he was extremely annoying), then John P. bit the dust (he was hot, but in a serial killer kinda way). But this week, they crossed the line. Brady, the buff FBI Agent got the boot. Picture a cuter Fox Mulder with a mean six pack and 5:00 shadow... Is it getting hot in here?

So now there's only one young hottie left - John K. It's unfortunate, because John seems like a smart, nice guy (not to mention a model/mechanical bull operator...according to the CBS website). So it bugs me even more, since I like smart, nice guys. Especially when they are young and hot.

So I'm not a happy tribe member. I have to endure about 8 more weeks of Sarge and Bubba. Even if you don't watch Survivor, you can guess from their names that these guys are not young NOR hot. And in fairness, if they were at least entertaining to watch, that would help. They are not. I suppose I could watch The Apprentice, but beefcake in suits is just not the same.

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Cagey said...

Last Thursday, I realized things were going downhill when I fired up JOEY on the DVR first. After the All-Stars Edition I did expect this season might be a letdown, but I hadn't prepared myself for this level of disappointment. Sheesh. I STILL haven't watched last week's episode.