Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Learn Something, Dammit

While I traipse off to Hermann, Missouri for the weekend - home of many fine wineries, well, many fine wineries, here's my favorite Site du Jour:

The Word Detective

I found this site while trying to explain to someone the meaning of being a "pollyanna". We have a joint friend that's always getting herself into a pickle because she assumes that everyone, including strangers, are always looking after her best interest, instead of their own. I was beginning to think I had imagined this term, until I found it on this site.

It's good stuff for you if you're a logophile (lover of words) or a bibliophile (book lover) or glossophile (you really dig languages).

And if you love knowing the words for folks that love specific things, go here.

Feel smarter yet?


Cagey said...

omigod. I JUST posted today and dedicated it to Pollyanna (and Rodney Dangerfield). Have you ever seen the movie? Makes more sense if you have. :-)

Anonymous said...

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