Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Tidbits

Mystery Solved!
The mystery of the Sonic Cup Guy (see post below) was solved by my clever staff of commenters. Er, not that I pay them to post comments. I would never do that.

Ahem. Anyway...

It appears that this is a Sonic promotion. If you go to Sonic and tell them you saw the Sonic Cup on the guy's trunk, you get a humonsterous drink for 99 cents. I haven't tried it yet.

I'm considering gluing a pizza box to my Jetta trunk. Then maybe Pizza Hut will give us all free pizzas. It's worth a try, huh?

When Love & Logic Backfires...
The weather has turned a bit colder here in Kansas City, but Goofy Junior is having none of it. He insists each morning on wearing his No-sleeve-shirt/shorts/flip-flop combo outfit. We fight, cajole, hide flip-flops and offer bribes. EACH MORNING. This morning, I had had enough.

When my choices of jeans and t-shirts were scorned, I told GJ, "you wear whatever you want". Of course, he appeared at breakfast with t-shirt, shorts and (surprisingly) tennis shoes. I think his flip-flops were hidden, in hindsight.

I kept my mouth shut, and brought some jeans to school with him. I told his teacher Miss Muffett* my plan. Let him freeze on the playground until he gets the picture, then let him come in and put the jeans on. So.....

It never got cold. Nope. It was a beautiful day. *I* wished I had shorts on.

A smug Goofy Junior came home from school, shorts still on and jeans in his smug little hand.


When Open Houses Backfire...
Our daycare had an Open House last Thursday, where parents could come and talk to the teachers about their kid's progress, overall curriculum and how they can support the school lessons at home.

I couldn't make it, but Mr. Goofy (and Goofy Junior) went. They showed up a few minutes into the open house and stayed for most of the entire time. The odd thing?

They were 1 of 2 families there. Yes, TWO. Our daycare probably has at least 100 kids that go there.

And we wonder why our kids can't keep up in school. Hmmmm.....

Adventures in Food and Stuff
Here's some good stuff I've tried recently:

Caribou Coffee - really, really good. Starbuck's ain't got nothing on Caribou. But stay away from their pastries. They are not good.

Mediterrean food - My fellow food adventuress Cagey mentioned HolyLand Cafe. I went there and cannot get enough of this delicious food now. Their hummus is like a little puddle of heaven. I think I've successfully converted Mr. Goofy and Goofy Junior too. And it's inexpensive..bonus!

Had a Birok last Saturday, thanks to Jane. It's a sweet bread roll filled with meat, onion and cabbage. Just delicious, but it gave me horrible gas all weekend. Whoops! Probably more than you needed on that one, huh?

I listened to a great audiobook this past week by a local Kansas City author, "Virgin of Small Plains" by Nancy Pickard. Great character development, great mystery and great use of present time versus flashback to fill in different versions of the story. I drove around the block a few times so I could listen to it more. Yes, it's that good. Support our local authors and check it out!

I finally went to Pierpont's for lunch. What a treat! I had the Blue Crab Sweet Corn Bisque and the Walnut Pear Salad. Unfortunately, I was having lunch w/ a friend that just got laid off, so that sucked. But the food was good. And the prices weren't bad for lunch. Dinner's probably another story.

*Not her real name. Yeah...duh.

SCG UPDATE: It appears that they pay the Sonic Cup Guys $200 a month to drive around with the cups attached to their trunks. Where can I sign up???


Jane said...

Are you sure it was the bierocks that goofed up your digestive system? There's only about a tablespoon of cabbage in each one.

lorib said...

Being of good German-Russian ancestry and a born and bred Kansan, bierocks are a fond childhood memory. I'm so glad Jane introduced you to this wonderful culinary delight.

I will be waiting anxiously for my comment posting check in the mail...LOL

Cagey said...

Be sure and look for Goofy Jr.s doppelganger the next time you go to HolyLand. FREAKED ME OUT. He doesn't necessarily look like Goofy Jr. NOW, but rather when Jr was younger.

Goofy Girl said...

jane - I'll leave out the gory GI details, but I'm pretty sure it was the cabbage. I'm not complaining...I'd eat them again in a heatbeat. But I might have to sleep on the sofa.

lorib - Er...the check's in the mail.

Cagey - I checked out the picture and I can definitely see the resemblance - not now, but when he was about 2. Pretty freaky!

Anonymous said...

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