Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Guy With The Sonic Cup

I was driving to work yesterday, and I got behind a guy in a small 4-door car. As we stopped at a red light, I noticed that he had one of those giant Sonic drink cups perched on the left side of his trunk. "Whoa!" I thought, "when he starts moving, that cup's going to go flying. I better hang back so I don't get Cherry Limeade all over my Jetta!"

Well, he started moving again, and the cup didn't move. My eyes were glued to this damn cup as we traveled down a major road, periodically stopping at stoplights. How was this cup staying in place?

If there was nothing in the cup, it would have just blown away. It was a windy day. If the cup was full, it would have tipped at the first stoplight. Hell, it wouldn't have made it out of the Sonic parking lot. I pondered where a Sonic was, in relation to where I first saw the guy. And that darn cup.
Yes, I really kind of obsessed about this.

Then I noticed that the cup wasn't exactly sitting directly on the could see a sliver of light under it. Did this guy glue the cup to his trunk? Why?!?! Why would you do this? Did he want to see how many people would honk at point at the darn cup, thinking he had forgotten it sitting on his trunk? And, while we are obsessing, who puts a drink on their trunk? I always put mine on my roof. So why the trunk? WHY?!?!?

I started analyzing the guy in the car. He looked like an older guy, maybe 50-ish, stocky. Not really a jokester, by the looks of him. Well, the looks of the back of his head, at least.

So, I finally have to make a turn to go to my office, and I got the chance to pull up alongside the guy. He was a delivery driver, according to the sign stuck on the driver's side door of his car. He didn't make eye contact, didn't point at the cup, as in "you like my cup, do you?". Nothing.

Has anyone seen this? Is this like those novelty half-golf balls that you can stick on your car windshield, like someone teed off into your car? Or was this guy just a bored delivery driver, looking for attention? Or do I just obsess about the goofiest things? Er, don't answer that last one.


lorib said...

I saw Sonic cup man Friday morning. Then I heard a teaser on the radio dealing with this phenomenon, but alas missed the story so I have no clue what the story is behind the cup. Your not just goofy -- this really is annoying and distracting.

CraftyLissa said...

I saw two of these last week! I thought I was going nuts. The cups did not move at all - and this was while going 60 or more on 169 over the Broadway bridge. I never even thought that it was fake - my faith in the impossible has been shattered.

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lorib said...

The mystery of the guy with the Sonic cup is solved! It's a Sonic promo -- if you go to Sonic before 11 a.m. and say you saw one of the cups driving around town, you get a 44 oz. drink for $.99. Pretty clever!

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