Monday, January 15, 2007

A Quiet Month

Well, I've sure been quiet, huh? It all started with that darn "Blog Every Day For a Month" thing. I have this fear of committment, so I just gave up and waited it out until January.

So here I am.

Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty to blog about, let me tell ya.

Goofy's December/January in a nutshell:
- celebrated an anniversary (Good God...SIXTEEN YEARS!!)

- celebrated a birthday (Holy Moley...FORTY-ONE YEARS!!!!)

- felt very old, so took a nap

- took Goofy Junior to a Nutcracker Tea Party (where he announced during a lull in the action, "When I grow up....I want to be a Ballerina". I'm so proud)

- sold our house on the day before Christmas Eve (complete with visiting family members twiddling thumbs in living room as we signed paperwork with the buyer's agent)

- hosted Christmas dinner

- had a very quiet New Year's Eve at home (the first one ever, I think)

- bought a new house on New Year's Day

- had the buyers of our house get cold feet and back out THREE DAYS after we bought the new one

- had quick nervous breakdown wondering how this would all work out

- regrouped and had open house this past Sunday (in the sleet/ice storm - surprisingly, 1 person actually showed up)

- had inspection of rental house

- promptly failed inspection of rental house (electric still not working, water not turned on - picky, picky)

- took matters into my own hands and called city, power company and electrician and played the Whose Problem Is This? game for a few weeks

- finally got electric on (Yeah!)

- finally got water on (Yeah!)

- have two leaks in plumbing (Boo!)

- promptly turned water off (Boo!) and called plumber

- planned and executed company holiday party (shoot, this was easy compared to the rest of the month!)

So what have you all been up too? I've missed you all!


dorothy said...

WTF? They backed out? Did you have back-up people? Happy birthday! Happy anniversary! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! See you soon.


lorib said...

With all that going on, I just don't know why you haven't found time to blog! LOL. So glad to have you back in blogger world! You've been missed.