Tuesday, January 01, 2008


What the hell do I do now?!

My last day at Corporate America (aka "Working for The Man") was Monday.* Today was a holiday. Whee. I feel like I should get up early and join the ranks of the living zombies...er, working class tomorrow. One thing wrong with that idea.

I quit that shit.

So....now what?! I am in total control of my future. Total Control. Total. How freeing! How liberating! How fucking scared to death am I?


And .....not.

I vary between not being able to quit smiling and being very worried about not being a income-producing member of the Goofy family.

Due to my industry of choice (tech), I've always been the higher-income producing member of the Goofy household. Willingly. No worries. I've always accepted this role proudly.

So now, I'm feeling a little weird about my new Zero Income status.

Hoping it's temporary. Hoping The Million Dollar Idea comes soon. Help me, Donny Deutsche!

I've been in this situation before. During the "Dot-Com Boom", I found myself working for a Dot-Com Dog, realized it, and decided to get out while the gettin' was good. I did so and quickly jumped into the Next Thing Available, which would have been excellent, but for the Dot-Com baloon bust during the first six months of my new found freedom.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? RIGHT?!?!?

So....this is a rambling, conflicted, post-holiday, pre-freedom post. Stay tuned for when I actually get some focus and start doing some wonderful (yet, inevitably Goofy) things.

...should make for some good reading! :-)

*I absolutely could NOT resist the symmetry and closure of my last day being 12/31. Anal. Retentive.


Average Jane said...

I've been there and it's a delicious feeling! Best of luck in your Next Big Thing.

lorib said...

Been thinking of you today as I enjoy one last day of holiday time before starting work in 2008. Keep smiling. I'm sure the Big Goofy Idea will come to you soon.

Mojavi said...

yippeeeee... so happy for you! Spend the next couple days brain storming in a notebook... where ever you go take it with you!

Mojavi said...

i will tell you what you do now! post a new dang entry woman!!!!!!!