Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Adventures in Camping - Number Two

Part 2 - Trail Runs

Trail running is a sport where you put on running shoes with beefy soles, usually in some "outdoor" color (green, brown, tan) and you run on hiking trails in the woods.

Trail runs are when you get to your campsite and right in the middle of setting up camp, your son announces that some poop has "sneaked out of his butt". EEK.

Daddy to the rescue...one pair of underwear down for the count (Thank heavens for Ziplocs!).

Ten minutes later, more Sneaky Poop. Gah!

Again Daddy to the rescue. Thank heavens for Daddy! Who, in a brilliant moment of foresight, washed the underwears (I was ready to pitch them...cause you know...EW!) and hung them between two trees to dry. Yeah, we looked pretty white trash, yes we did.

Sneaky Poop: 2 Underwear: 0

No, er, movement happened for about twenty minutes, so we decided it was safe to go for a hike. Yep, we were wrong. Ten minutes into the hike....more Sneaky Poop!

Back to the car. Much cleaning of the butt region. Installment of Underwear #3 (of only 4 packed!).

Smart Daddy came up with another brilliant idea - a big wad of Kleenex in the underwear. Alex was very put off by this, and actually walked like a duck for a while, but gradually forgot about it.

This was a brilliant idea, because it saved Underwear #3. You guessed it...Sneaky P. again.

We gave up on the plan of a longer hike and headed back to camp. Once at camp, Alex & Daddy headed to the rustic campsite outhouse. I can proudly say that my son pooped in the campground potty (they are pretty yukky and kinda creepy, especially if you watched that one X-Files episode about the monster that lives in the outhou....oh nevermind).
The point of this icky story? Camping really makes you appreciate the pleasures of indoor plumbing.


lorib said...

Sneaky poop -- the bane of any camper/hiker. Major kudos to Goofy Jr. for using the scary outhouse. I have found on all of our recent trips, outdoors or in, that overpacking of underwear and diapers is always a good thing. And never forget the Ziplocs!!

Average Jane said...

Camping + gastrointestinal issues = BAD! Hope Goofy Jr.'s next camping trip works out better for everyone.