Thursday, May 22, 2008

Multi-Level Madness

If you ever have a friend or co-worker invite you to lunch because they want to talk to you about "a new exciting project that they are working on that they want to tell you about" or "that you might be interested in", just run. Run. Fast.

Jeez. You would think I would see the signs. But no, this happened again last night.

Another MLM (multi-level marketing) pitch.

I got a free dinner, yes. But I also got an hour-and-a-half long pitch about becoming a representive for a company that would 'build my financial independence'. *

Of course it all sounds good. They learn scripts for these sorts of things.

Then I got home an did the obligatory Internet search for the company name + 'scam'. Oh, lookey there, 8 links! All from previous "representatives". And all scathing.

At least I got a free dinner.

* I won't mention the company here, because I really don't want to attract THAT sort of linky love. No thanks.

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Sully Sullivan said...

Look Goofy, I really like your blog and I was wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner to discuss making you FILTHY MOTHER EFFING RICH. Honestly, Goofy, you won't have to do anything. In fact, mostly...other people will be doing things FOR YOU! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! YEAHHHHHHHH! It's all true. You will make money by breathing, sleeping, even SNORING! YESSSSSSSSS! SNORING CAN and will MAKE YOU MONEY. yes you will start at the bottom, but luckily our pyramid is UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A small one time investment of your soul (and your kids) will turn into a MASSIVE donald trump hair sized FORTUNE! Don't have any kids? We accept dogs, too!!!!!!!!!! no cats or people from south dakota tho! Please contact me ASAPASAPASAP at my e-mail

Haha, I'm liking your blog. I've bookmarked it and I'll be checking back regularly to read and comment. Lucky you. After this comment, you'll probably be hitting the block button. Too bad blogspot doesn't have one of those. Guess you're stuck with me, which is sad, but my pop culture comedy blog should cheer you up. The URL is...