Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bad Blogger! Bad! Bad!

Well, if you've been checking my site, you probably think I just got back from vacation. Ha! Don't I wish!, I don't wish. My "Project Vacation" was a bust. An absolute bust. Maybe I set my expectations too high...

It's Las Vegas! It will be sunny and warm!
Actually, no, it was rainy and damn chilly most the time. Until the day we flew back home.

We will win big!
Nope. Lost. Then lost some more. Tried new craps strategy that worked excellently on my home computer. Lost more. Since the majority of my time was earmarked for gambling, all this losing really sucked the big one.

Husband's conference dinner "Old Style Las Vegas Night Out" will rock!
Ha! This thing was so lame I could write an entire post on it. Mediocre food. Mediocre Rat Pack impersonators...being drowned out by drunken conference attendees hitting on each other. No dancing. Bad wine. Groan.

Staying at high-priced hotel will make us feel ritzy!
It had quite the opposite effect. During the day (on a Wednesday even!), table minimums were $15. Yikes! Where were the $5 tables? They were down the street in the seedy casinos with the cheesy decor and smoke rolling out the doors. I felt very poor. We won a bit at the cut-rate casinos, but the environment was a real downer.

On the bright side, Junior did wonderfully! Every time we called, he was playing, laughing and overall no missing us a damn bit. He also did not give the babysitter-couple one dirty diaper. Not one! Do you know the odds of that? THEY should have been the ones in Vegas! We found out later that he was saving all his lovin' for us (4 dirty diapers the Saturday we returned). Jackpot!

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