Monday, December 13, 2004

Weird Karmic Shit

So I get this audiotape from the library called "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting". I'd been listening to it for a day or so on the drive to/from work. The author (who is also the not-so-good narrator) talks about how FEELINGS are the key to getting whatever I want from life. Don't use your brain - just FEEL how it would be to have the things you want and the atoms will magnetize their way to you. (I'm not joking here...this is her actual philosophy).

I'm game for trying anything...once. So I gave it a go. Money, I thought, I would like to magnetize some money my way. Not millions. I'm not greedy. But enough to give me some freedom. Or at least buy some extra Christmas gifts, fer Christ's sake (no pun intended). I tried FEELING that I was a money magnet. I visualized that money flying towards me from all directions. Hopefully only dollars would come, as coins could pose an injury risk!

This was Thursday night and Friday on the drive to work. When I got to work that morning there was an envelope on my desk with my name on it. "Oh goody, an early Christmas card from an over-achieving co-worker", I thought. I opened it. Inside was a Thank You card from a co-worker and two Applebee's gift cards for $25 apiece. I was floored! I had done a mediocore job for this guy, but here was a nice thank you. My mood was great after that. It didn't strike me until mid-morning...I had attracted some money! Not green money, but plastic money. Was it karma?

That evening I went to the casino with some friends for dinner and gambling. At dinner, the waitress mistakenly served me a $24 filet instead of the $15 sirloin that I ordered. Karma again? Stupid waitress? I don't care. It was a damn good "sirloin". (wink-wink) Maybe I had Food Karma. I was attracting food like crazy!

Then I hit the craps table. I'm not great at craps, but I love the excitement of the table and think it's a great people-watching game. And I won. I doubled my money and then some! Karma yet again? It wasn't my superior craps abilities, that's for sure. My friends also won. Could I rub my karma off on them? Would they think I was getting fresh if I did that?

More importantly...will money (or food) continue to magnetize my way? Stay tuned!

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