Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Great Ideas!

I am hereby officially impressed. Goofy Girl readers have really come through with some good ideas!

Cagey suggested a Tivo. Not a bad idea. It would save me some time setting the VCR and also time spent screaming and jumping up and down when it records the wrong show. I could use that time saved to experience something fun. I have to admit, I expected this answer from Cagey, as she is a Tivo evangelist.

Golightly suggests a day at the spa. Not a bad idea either. I could probably get a whole new body for $1000 at the spa. Hmmm... I might use my regular money to do this. Is that cheating?

I really, really like Maggie's idea...take a trip...solo. No kids, no hubbie. Looks like she's got a kid about the same age as mine. You start to consider running away. Just kidding. Or am I? I've always thought about doing a solo trip, but it's a bit intimidating. No one to share the driving with, no one to help clean up camp, no one to whine to when you're cold or tired. That said, what an experience it would be! It's something I've never done before. Plus it has the extra-added bonus of allowing me some Life Pondering Time. Something I haven't had much of since Junior came along.

Keep those ideas coming. I might have to save up more money to take advantage of them all!

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Cagey said...

So - what did you decide??