Thursday, January 27, 2005


What would you do with an extra day in the week?

This would be a day when you wouldn't have to additional weekend day. Let's say it would be sandwiched between Saturday and Sunday, so you could do the normal going-out stuff on Saturday and the normal relax-watch football and/or church and/or get ready for the work week stuff on Sunday. This would be an additional day to do whatever you wanted to!

I'd call it Yourday, since all the other good names are taken.

What would you do on Yourday???


Cagey said...

oooo, the possiblities...... hmmmm, I would go to the gym, come home and soak in my jet tub with a good book or celebrity rag. Then I would meet my Grandma for breakfast and then go visit my great-aunt (2 people I don't spend nearly enough time with). then I would go back home and hang out and knit for awhile. Then I would tinkle on the piano. Then I would catch an afternoon movie. Then I would read some of that good book or celebrity rag again. Then X and I would go out for a lovely dinner, come home, and settle in front of the TV (where I would knit some more or make some jewelry or BOTH). Then I would sleep, but of course, I would get to read first until I went to sleep. Because it's MYday, after all.

Mojavi said...

If I had an extra day I would paint all day. I would call it funday.... I know corny but hey it is myday

Goofy Girl said...

Cagey: Remind me never to play your piano!

Cagey said...

Liberace had a piano in his bathroom as he said so "I could tinkle while I tinkle"