Friday, January 28, 2005

Why I Hate Auto-Flushing Toilets

1. You get used to them. I have them at work and have learned that when you've done your business, you get up and leave. The problem is that I find myself leaving stalls in other public places without flushing. People give you a funny look and you have to mutter, "I'm used to the auto-flushing ones.". Then they give you a look back like you are Paris Hilton saying, "I'm too good to flush my own toilet, you peon. You must do it for me. Can you wipe my ass too, while you're at it?".

2. Just when you learn to love them, they turn on you. You walk in one day, sit down, and they flush. Ew! Your posterior gets sprayed with water and God-knows-what. Now, I'm not a germaphobe. I've wiped my ass with a leaf while camping, when nothing else was available. And I'm a full proponent of the 10-second rule, when my corner brownie hits the floor. But the premature flush makes me go "EW!".

Ah, what problems technology forces upon us...


Mojavi said...

Yeah I hate that too..... I find myself forgeting at home.... My K really hates it :)

mangaijin said...

have to agree with you on the premature toilet spray...first it scares the hell out of me, then I go, "Ew!"

..[E]mma.S* said...


Sorry I know I'm random.. but I came across your blog. and that's so hillarious and true.