Friday, February 11, 2005

Flowers or Candy?

Since Valentine's Day is approaching like a freight train, thoughts turn to gifts. The stereotypical gift when the receipient is female is flowers or candy (or both, I suppose for the overachieving significant other). Without getting into a big discussion about how fleeting and impractical both of these choices are, let's weight the differences.

Flowers: Die. (well, they do, people!)
Candy: Goes stale. Eventually. Unless you're me and inhale the entire box (regardless of size) within a week.
Point goes to Candy.

Flowers: Smell good.
Candy: Smells better. Actually makes your mouth water. You just can't beat that.
Point goes to Candy.

Flowers: Calorie-free.
Candy: you get the sugar-free kind (DON'T!), it has calories. More than anyone needs.
Point goes to Flowers.

Flowers: Look pretty on your desk or kitchen table.
Candy: Let's face it. The giant, heart-shaped, bright red box is just plain gaudy. And kind of embarrassing to display anywhere.
Point goes to Flowers.

Flowers: Goofy Girl does not like flowers, unless they are in the ground.
Candy: Goofy Girl loves candy.
Point goes to Candy.

Ding-ding-ding. Candy wins!

What?!? It was a fair match. ;-)


Cagey said...

My husband has never given me candy or flowers for Valentine's day. Usually, I get some kind of gadget and a really good meal. This year's loot? The iShuffle and the Bristol.

Mojavi said...

maybe I am just a silly girl, but I like flowers and candy..... Flowers look pretty smell good, even if they just die so do we :) And the valentines day candy is always fun to poke and prod at until you find a good one...

Me said...

Or then there's MY Valentine who does not cough up candy OR flowers OR gadgets - I'm lucky to get a card. He did cook a lovely steak dinner last night, but then I got to clean up, which diminishes its valentine value.

My vote: Flowers! I don't care if they die, it shows I'm being thought about without the calorie-guilt of candy.