Friday, February 18, 2005

I am Woman. Hear Me Whine.

I just got an email from a gal-pal bragging about her new purse. Normally this would not affect me, however, it got me thinking...

I need a new purse. And I need new pants. I need a new wardrobe. Period. Preferably one from the 2000's, rather than the 90's.

I wear the same five things every week. And one pair of shoes. Two if I'm feeling inspired. And they're not even shoes, they are boots. I'm screwed when spring hits. My pants "puddle" around my ankles, because I'm too pain-averse to wear super-high-heels. They also puddle around my butt, because I've lost 10 pounds since buying the pants back in '97.

I saw the "What Not To Wear" girls on Oprah last night and realized that I am a Couture Loser (note the capital letters). Pity me.

Side Note to My Whining: If you haven't read "What Not to Wear", run out now and get it from your local library. It will change the way you dress, and give you a chuckle in the meantime.


Mojavi said...

you are not a Couture Loser! You are Couture Resistant.... many times Silly Tilly has been invited to go shopping... alas she has better things to do.. so this is definitely whining.. :)

Me said...

I so understand the Couture problems! I think having a kid turns you into a fashion idiot. I feel your pain sistah!