Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ode to Patchouli Dog

Patchouli dog, patchouli dog, why do you smell?
Cause my owner sprayed me well.
With this stuff she bought at the store.
Oh God, I hope there is no more.

It smells like flowers and oils and such.
Oh, how I fear she paid too much.
Because if she tries to spray it twice
I know that I will not be nice.

I will run and jump and leap
and into the muddy yard will creep
To roll around in the bog
So I can smell like a real dog.

NOTE: This is a poem dedicated to my poor dogs, who endured the wrath of me buying ZUM Mist Doggie Spritzer (Lavender-lemon with patchouli) and trying it out on them. Sorry girls!

1 comment:

Mojavi said...

OMG you are the silliest girl I know....