Friday, March 18, 2005

The Fine Art of Procrastination

I'm a Procrastinator. I admit it. The first step towards recovery is admission.


Lately I've procrastinated on a few things, that have subsequently FIXED THEMSELVES or (better still) GONE AWAY. Ah! What a feeling that is! I didn't waste any of my precious time working on that damn task...and it resolved itself without me. How productive! How efficient! No harm. No foul.


This sends the message to my very impressionable brain that "Procrastination Works", which is probably not a good message for the Serial Procrastinator to get. So, I struggle daily with prioritization.

Do I NEED to pay those bills today? Unfortunately, yes. Most bills don't resolve themselves. Dammit.

Do I NEED to go to the gym? Nah, I walked from the kitchen up the stairs to bed last night. That should be enough exercise for the week. I'll go again next week.


There's also a good feeling to picking up a stale-as-month-old-bread project and finishing it up. Just cranking it out and getting it done.

So, there's a fine balance in the Doing and the Procrastinating. If I ever figure out the formula between the two, I'll share it with you. soon as I get around to it.

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