Friday, March 11, 2005

Help me, Bill Gates!

Someone desperately needs to invent the following:

1. A device that, at the push of a button, instantly empties all the trash cans throughout your house into a common container in the garage. Bingo! Ready for trash day.

2. A device that does the same thing with dirty dishes piled in the sink. This device would also trigger the wash cycle. And while you're at it, put them away too, k?

3. A device that sucks all the dirt and pet hair from your carpets, at the push of a button. Note: one might need to evacuate the house of small children and pets, lest they get sucked up. Unless the kids/pets are dirty, them leave them in there.

Who would I talk to about this? Bill Gates controls the world, how about him? Bill, show me some love. Quit with the Windows shit for a while and invent something we REALLY NEED.


Jing said...

amen to that. bill gates needs to clean up his act and smarten up...

Cagey said...

I'd look to Steve Jobs for something for inventive!

mboardman said...

ive often thought about inventing some sort of slowly moving forcefield that uses static to remove anything loose in carpet, or on any surface. it would also sanitize surfaces like porcelain and stainless steel as it passes over them, making cleaning the bathroom a chore of the past. isnt that a great idea? now if i just knew something about electronics.