Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Junior's First Arcade Experience

The family and I went out for pizza last night. We ordered our pizza and got a table. Then Toddler Boredom kicked in. If you don't head off TB quickly, it will proceed to Toddler Whining, then Toddler Tantrum, then full-blown Demon-has-Taken-Over-My-Toddler-Please-Help-Me-dom. What to do? What to do?

I spotted a arcade game in the corner of the pizza place. It was one of those virtual experience ones, a Snowmobile Ride. I steered Junior over to it and we sat down on the seat. He was instantly mezmerized by the graphics on the screen, then grabbed the steering mechanism and laughed. Ah...Toddler Boredom at bay. But... wasn't lasting long. The graphics weren't moving enough to keep him interested. He was eyeing the kids playing pool. Pool balls were flying off the table. I definitely didn't want him over there. I frantically dug for quarters... SCORE! Two linty quarters in the bottom of the purse.

"Watch this", I said proudly. I deposited the quarters into the machine. We selected a snowmobile and a racing course and we were off!

The machine produced a cold wind that blew in our face. Junior and I were racing down the start of the course and doing pretty well. He giggled and declared "Watch Einstein!".

What?!?!? WHAT!?!?! Damn you, Julie Aigner-Clark and your Baby Einstein videos! You've ruined my son's first arcade experience. He thinks it's interactive Baby Einstein. For crying out loud!

I promptly crashed into the side of the mountain. Game Over.

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