Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Best "Wastes of Time" 2007

I had about 15 minutes of spare time last Thursday night, so I started surfing. I quickly found a brainless arcade game site and looked up the most popular download..."Cake Mania". Mmmmm... I like cake. I thought I'd check it out.

I downloaded the free trial and ONE HOUR LATER my time ran out. Gah! This game is addictive, fun and easy.

Jill, our diligent baking hero, must keep her customers happy by supplying them with the cake that they ordered. If she takes too long, the customer storms out of the shop. If she makes them happy, they give her tips. Kinda like real life, eh?

She can upgrade her kitchen by buying faster ovens, faster icing machines and faster shoes. Also, she can make more profitable cakes by buying candle, wedding and retirement decorations.

I might actually cough up 20 bucks to buy the real game. Yes, it's that good.

Check it:

Don't like cake? Check out Bookworm, my now second-favorite addictive game:


Lainey-Paney said...

What a funny, silly game!

...I wonder if my mom would like it. She actually makes tons of cakes (for us, and others!)...

Anonymous said...

I love this game! It gets pretty challenging as you progress thru the months.
Amazingly my 7 year old daughter is getting pretty good at it too. It is such a "feel good" game. :)

Jani K. said...

Found a sequel of sorts to Cake Mania called "Back to the Bakery". It is available on

Fun!...and it gets you another hour of free play.

Anonymous said...

Here's another fun game:

Raise Chickens ( Chicken Chase )