Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?

Over the past three months, I've:

Lost my renter for my rehab house
Lost the buyer for my current house
Lost my boss (and this is a decidedly BAD thing)
Lost my temper...too many times to count
Lost my ability to connect to work from home (again, this is BAD, since I know have to BE there to old-school is that?)
Lost touch with several good friends (again with the BAD)
Alllllmost lost a treasured co-worker
Lost contact with my much beloved husband (who is launching a new brand at his company and works like 50 hours per week...something I've never seen him do)
Lost my motivation for my current training goal
(almost) Lost my sanity

But...since I'm the Eternal Optimist (look it up in the dictionary and you will see my picture!), I also:
Gained a new goal (become a runner. still have to chuckle at this until it actually happens)
Gained a good friend at work
Gained an alliance w/ my boss at work (definitely a GREAT thing!)
Gained several potential buyers for our house (and we are not giving as many concessions this time...the gloves are on now, folks)
Will not have to travel to Russia in the middle of winter (yee-ha...this is big!)
Gained control over my donut addiction. New goal: No donuts until June. You might laugh, but this is a HARD goal for me. Krispy Kreme's a-callin', but I ain't answerin'.
Didn't lose my love for a good movie. Two "must-sees": "The Illusionist" and "Invincible". Illusionist is brilliant; Invincible is inspiring.
Gained the knowledge that Stephen King's son (Joe Hill) is a superb writer...almost on-par with dad. Check out "Heart-Shaped Box" if you are a doubter.

And gained perspective.

My last fortune cookie said: Things are hardest just before the summit.

My, how true this is. So where's the fucking summit already?!


dorothy said...

Ugh, Goofy, so sorry to hear it. You are having my life last year, and this year is far better. This year has taught me that it does pass. Let's make plans to all have dinner soon. (virtual back-pat, since I know you're not a hugger)

boardman said...

Love, love, love this post. You can be damn funny when you want to. I come to your blog once every few weeks to check in, and it always makes me laugh hard. always. thanks caroline.