Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ants! (Update)

I haven't seen the ants.

Do you think they read my blog? Are they preparing their counter-attack for the Terro? Or are they happily munching on my coffee beans in the cabinet, out of sight?
I fear that they know we are having friends over for dinner on Saturday (they've probably got the phone lines tapped). As we serve the main course, I can just see the Ant Brigade swarming in the house and onto the dining table. They will have little flags that proclaim, "Ants Rule!". I will faint into my medium-rare steak and miss all the excitement.


Anonymous said...

yes, you have to seal everything in ziplocks. Your patio window frame is deteriorating, maybe due to termites?


mboardman said...

You have to open windows, look under cupboards, clean out cabinets, and find the nest. I found my nest just inside the window sill above the sink. Eggs and queen, killed them all. Now they are gone.