Friday, May 13, 2005

My Shopping List

When I caught a glimpse of my shopping list for this week, I just had to laugh:

Softball Bat
9-Volt Battery

What a goofy selection of items!

However, when I thought for a moment about the list, it really said quite a bit about who I am. What the hell do I mean?

Let me explain...

Fruit - I really try to be healthy...
Fudgsicles - ...but I have very little willpower
Softball Bat - I'm competitive by nature
9-Volt Battery - I'm a mom - the battery powers the baby monitor - my Key to Freedom after Junior goes to bed

I showed you show me yours.

What's your shopping list look like?


Cagey said...

Perrier, orange juice, fish, chicken, cantaloupe, watermelon, yarn for apple hat, mulch, potting soil, eyeliner, fluouride rinse, shaving cream, cat food

Not sure what that says about me, except that I need to get to the store! I keep a running list of things in my Palm, so sometimes the list can really build up.

Mojavi said...

Body wash, yep that about covers it...