Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I am testing the most unbelievably boring system on the face of the earth. I normally don't do testing like this, but I somehow convinced someone that I was responsible enough to handle the entire project. Note to self: Do not do this again.

So here's what this stupid system does:
We take about 5 types of data and match them up with about 5 other types of data. So I have to test..uh...oh crap, how would I calculate the number? A permutation? A combination? No, the things don't get thrown back in, so I guess a permutation would be it. So let's just say the quantity is a Giant Butt-Load of different combinations of these types of data. The thought of having my fingernails pulled out, one by one, slowly, is looking pretty good right now.

So I take each combination...let's say A and B and I go looking in at least 4 database tables to find out how many occurrences of this specific "A to B" connection there are. See, you are already bored! I can hear you yawning out there! Poor me...poor, poor me.

Oh yes, and there's also date ranges that must be considered. Which differ and add several more iterations to each test. It's horrible, I tell you. I'm going to need some toothpicks to prop my eyelids open very, very soon. It's fast approaching 3:00pm, my 'sleepy time' of the day. I'm already mainlining the Diet Coke, so I don't know what's next.

And not that I would advocate doing this, but I am tempted to cut some corners in the testing, just to get the pain over. However, after testing, I, yes, yours truly, will be the main user of the abomination. So if it doesn't work, I have to deal with it.

Damn. Shit. Fuck.

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