Thursday, May 05, 2005


I'm not a runner. I never have been. I don't run. Well, to be fair, there are 3 situations where you will see me run:

1. Late for airplane. (this is more common than you would think)
2. Brownies in the oven and the timer goes off. (they might burn!)
3. Trash day and the trash is still in the garage and the trash truck is rumbling down the street. (two words here: Toddler'd run too)

Other than running.

But I am in awe of runners. Why do they do it? What drives them? What do they think of when they are running?

I did do an organized run about three years ago. It's a local race here that is basically billed as a "Your Grandma with the Walker Can Run this Race, What's Your Excuse?" So I did it. I started out fresh and motivated and ran for at least 50 yards. Then I walked the rest. I had little old ladies passing me, so I walked faster, but still couldn't keep up. Maybe I should have trained for it, I dunno.

After that race, my knees hurt. They still hurt. So I'm thinking running is not my gig.

I tried running with my dogs (two Siberian Huskies). Let's just say that they didn't run with me, I ran with them. I was basically the "Sled" for them to pull. They are "sled dogs", you know. If I ran with them more, I would end up with long monkey-like arms, hanging down to my knees, from all the pulling (at 50lbs per canine, they got some pulling power, for sure).

This time of year, I still look at the runners in awe. They all seem so fit and happy. But it's just not for me. Maybe some of those cute little shorts would help...

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Mojavi said...

not all runners look fit and happy.... some of us are old and fat but still keep on...