Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Busy Weekend

I have a very busy weekend coming up. I signed up for a Real Estate Investors Seminar. I've always been intrigued by the whole real estate buying and selling process and have recently joined two real estate investing organizations, shelled out about $1000 total for an array of educational materials and actually finalized My First Deal two weeks ago. So, onto the seminar!

The tricky bit is that it's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend. I even took off work on Friday, burning a valuable vacation day! Yikes. When I checked the seminar time schedule, I recoiled in horror when I realized that I was required to be there at 7:45am on Friday morning! Anyone who knows me at all knows that I can barely get to work by 8:30am with clothing in place and some semblance of makeup applied. 7:45!?!? And that is the LATEST. The schedule actually says, "7:00am - Networking & Vendor Expo". Who the HELL has the presence of mind to network at 7:00 in the morning? Not me. I barely know my name at that rooster-laden hour. goes until 5:00 (or later if you stick around for more Networking & Vendor Expo fun) each day. Even Sunday. And these folks are no sissies when it comes to keeping your ass there until the bitter end...the "Big Prize Giveaways" are guessed it...for 5:00pm on Sunday. Since this includes a laptop and PDA, you can bet that my ass will still be there, probably numb, with door prize ticket in hand.

I will have to leave my house around 7:00am (isn't it still dark then?), sneaking out of the house as my child and husband are still snuggled in their crib/bed, dreaming of sugarplums and Gwen Stefani, respectfully. I plan on setting the coffee maker for 6:45am, so as to get the freshest, darkest, hottest coffee possible, and grabbing the most giant travel container to carry it in. I'm sure the conference will have the obligatory Nasty Hotel Coffee, and we can't have any of that. Yuk.

So, wish me luck. I'm sure I will emerge late Sunday afternoon all fired up about real estate investing.

Look out Trump, here comes Goofy!

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