Friday, September 23, 2005

First Day at the Seminar...

Well, I managed to get my sleepy butt out of bed this morning BEFORE 6:00am (and yes, it was dark outside. And raining. Hard.) I got to the real estate seminar about 7:20am. As with most things like this, it started late, so I walked around the vendor expo and met some nice people wanting to sell me things.

The first speaker was a dynamic lady extolling the virtues of direct mail for getting motivated sellers. She was great. I would have bought her "system" (see Note below), but it cost $1495. Ouch! No sale.

NOTE: As with most real estate seminars, each speaker speaks for free, with the agreement that at the end of their speech, they pimp whatever "educational system" they are selling. All the big real estate gurus have their own "system". Some are more hardcore salespeople and some are more lax about it.

The second speaker was an jittery guy with Attention Deficit Disorder (self-proclaimed). He jittered around the stage, gave a disjointed talk about things that didn't seem to make any sense and left each PowerPoint slide on the screen for a whopping 1.2 seconds, so it was impossible to take notes. His presentation was littered with typos and didn't flow in any particular way that I saw. When it came time to pimp his "system", he went from $1249 to $397. If it was anything like his presentation, it would make no sense to me. No sale.

Lunch was good. I met some really nice ladies that had varying degrees of experience in real estate. One lady that sat next to me actually lives in the next neighborhood over from me. Weird coincidence, but we decided to keep in touch with our real estate ventures.

After lunch we got a sales spiel from a real estate signage guy. As he was not a seasoned speaker, the 20 minute pitch for magnetic car signs, banners and business cards felt like 40 minutes.

Then a treat! Dr. Cash Flow! This guy made the jittery guy seem calm. The Doctor paced around the stage, then down in the aisles, then back to the stage. He actually had $5, $2 and $1 bills in his shirt pocket, and would grab them periodically and throw them at folks who appeared interested. At one point, he stripped off his jacket to reveal an airbrushed picture of a witch on the back of his button-down dress shirt. You kinda had to be there to understand the joke. Plus...the guy was interesting. And a great speaker. His talk was about the perils of being a landlord. He likened tenants to children. And being a landlord like running an adult daycare. He was very opinionated and didn't care if he offended anyone...and I loved him for it. When it came time to pimp his "system", I couldn't help myself. Sale!

We wrapped up about 4:30pm, with instructions to be there tomorrow at 7:45am SHARP. Ugh.

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Ever hear of this... a leadership seminar