Friday, April 15, 2005

Carrot Monster?!

I think the entire free world has heard about this by now, but here it is again:

They are taking Cookie Monster's cookies away.
(story here)

Yep, you heard me right. In this insane age of Political Correctness (insert audible groan here), Cookie Monster's insatiable love of cookies is just not considered acceptable anymore.

There are too many obese, inactive kids. So who takes the blame? Not XBOX. Not MTV. Not trans-fats. Cookie Monster. That lovable, googly-eyed hunk of furry blue shag carpet has been deemed a threat. What a crock!

Let's think a moment about this for a minute. When we see Cookie Monster eating up piles of cookies, do we REALLY think that it's all he's going to eat for the day? And is CM REALLY such a role model that kids will try to emulate him? (I personally think he's probably a better role model than Britney, but I digress...)

I think Cookie Monster teaches a good lession: that, once in a while, we need to get crazy and give in to our primal urges, even if it's just to eat a bunch of cookies. Is this such a bad lesson? I think not. I think it teaches kids that you can't be perfect all the time. You have to let loose and live a little.

Sidenote: There's an idea for a great book here: "Zen and the Art of Cookie-Eating"? "How to Win Friends and Eat Cookies"? If you write it and get it published, you can just buy me some cookies as a thanks for the idea.

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Mojavi said...

I totally agree, this is def. the decline of rational thought