Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Goofy Girl Gets Poked

You thought this post was about WHAT?!?! Get yer mind outta the gutter! Goofy Girl does have her limits.

The Poking: I had sclerotherapy done on my legs. Basically, they shoot salt-sugar water into your leg veins that are all spidery and nasty looking. This causes those veins to collapse and go away. And your legs look brand-new again. How do these things get invented?

Shoot salt-sugar water into my legs with tiny sharp needles? This sounded so bizarre, I thought, "I gotta try this!". Let's just say I won't be getting any tattoos anytime soon. I'm done with needles for a while.

Overall, it was okay though. Once I learned that digging your fingernails into the meaty part of your hand while being poked eased the pain, and I was able to relax and take my choke hold off the technician.

Why did I do this?
That's something I've been asking myself since I made the appointment. I suppose in the interests of beauty, although that's not really it entirely. I suppose I don't want my legs to give away my age. I LOVE to wear shorts, as soon as the snow melts, but over the years all the extended standing, extended sitting and other torture my legs have gone through is starting to show. Since I never have a tan to speak of, there's no way to hide those cute little spider veins that come with age...and heredity (Thanks Mom!).

So when my Pampered Chef lady (and so much more!) told me about her experience with scelerotherapy (which means "Poke Me With Tiny Needles" in Latin), I said, "sign me up!".

I'll have to endure the tiny mosquito-bite bumps and strange bruising that I'm seeing now, then instant results...in only 6 weeks. I'm optimistically skeptical, if there is such a thing. Stay tuned for the Leg Update at 10:00.


Jing said...

why is there a need for such measures? i don't understand it. i mean cancer and aids are running amuck and they develop seedless watermelon and sclerotherapy. fantastic :).

Mojavi said...

I love this procedure! I think it is a wonderful way to avoid future painful vericose veins, a.k.a our mothers legs....
Don't be that mother ;)