Saturday, April 02, 2005

Goofy Taxes - Day One

  1. Go into office to start taxes.

  2. Decide to check email first.

  3. Balance checkbook, because it's there in the office.

  4. Check email again (just in case something new has arrived)

  5. Check horoscope. "With your energy levels higher than they've been all week, even boring tasks will be oddly rewarding." Ya right.

  6. Clean desk to assure that I have lots of space for tax stuff.

  7. Achoo! Dust desk (Yikes! Lots of dust.)

  8. Thirsty...go downstairs to get iced tea.

  9. Return to office twenty minutes later.

  10. Crack open good ole J.K. Lasser's 2005 Tax Guide.

  11. Need a snack...return downstairs for strawberry shortcake (leftover from dinner).

  12. Start reading Lasser Tax Guide.

  13. Need tape flags to mark key sections...where are they?

  14. Look in work backpack for tape flags.

  15. Decide backpack needs cleaning out. Clean backpack.

  16. Never find tape flags.

  17. Go downstairs to put laundry in dryer.

  18. Husband calls. "Whatcha doin'?" "Very busy working", I easily lie.

  19. Back upstairs. Pen has disappeared. Where is it?

  20. Decide music is required. Back downstairs to turn stereo on.

  21. Back upstairs. Take some notes about forms I don't have that I need to get.

  22. Decide that this whole process is so ridiculous that I have to blog about it.

  23. And that brings me here.

I've got 13 more days, right? Maybe a nap will help...

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