Friday, April 08, 2005

Goofy Goes the the Gym...NOT!

It's been several weeks since I've visited the gym. Between having the Virus From Hell and also the Workload That Would Not Die, I just plain haven't had time. Never mind that my gym is about 5 minutes away from my office...quite literally across the street. I could probably walk if I had to. Like if I had a flat tire or something.

So today was the day! The return to the gym. They would meet me with banners and balloons and welcome me with a hearty "Hello. We missed you, Goofy!". Well, not quite. But the reception gal actually did make eye contact after swiping my membership card. It's the little things in life...

I went into the locker room and unzipped my bag. Shoes. Check! Pants. Check!Sports Bra. Check! Tank Top. Check! Socks? Uh... Socks?? SOCKS?!?!?!? No socks. Dammit!

I wore black dress socks today. I really did want to work out, but not bad enough to be seen wearing black socks with tennis shoes. If my workout pants were long, and covered my ankles, I might have done it. (They don't call me GOOFY Girl for nothin', ya know.) But, alas, I had brought capris. I don't want to be called DORKY Girl. I have my limits.

I searched and searched my tiny gym bag, hoping that socks would somehow materialize in a linty corner of the bag. No luck. No socks. No workout.

I had to pretend to be on the phone as I walked out of the gym, five minutes after I got there, just in case the gal decided to make eye contact again. And if you're curious...she didn't.

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Cagey said...

I don't want to return to the gym until I am visibly pregnant (soon?)- so they KNOW why I wasn't there!