Friday, April 08, 2005

Goofy Girl is Scared

This is my horror-scope for today:

Your family members have a big surprise in store for you -- a very big surprise. Does that mean you should worry about what's coming or head for the hills? Certainly not. With an eclipse taking place in the heavens above you, there's really nothing to do but hold on tight and ride the ride -- which may actually be rather fun. Oh, and when this all goes down, pretend to be surprised.

Hmmm....what will it be? For some reason I'm scared. Change is good, right? RIGHT?! I don't want to "ride the ride"...I want to head for the hills. I don't need any more change in my life right now. Gulp.

And yes, I read my horoscope daily and for the record, I'm a Capricorn (the nasty old goat).

1 comment:

Mojavi said...

what what what.... what is the surprise???