Thursday, January 19, 2006

Goofy Dreams

Okay, enough class participation. Now I'm depressed that I'm stuck in the boring midwest, with sleet and snow looming.

So here's a random goofy thought - the absolute worst dream I've ever had. It was three years ago and I can still remember the entire dream vividly. It shook me up for about a week.

So here it is...

I'm sleeping. Some noise wakes me up. I get up and walk over to our bedroom windows to look out. We have three bedroom windows and all the shades are open, so I can get a good view. It's somewhat light outside and a weird grey color. Off in the distance, I see a large mushroom cloud gradually rising towards the sky. Then I see that there is a flurry of destructive activity on the ground, starting from the mushroom cloud and headed towards our house. Headed very fast towards our house. I stand there in awe, thinking, "So this is the end" and "I wonder who the hell started THIS". I want to turn around and tell my husband (who is now standing behind me) goodbye, as well as take one last look at my dogs, but I cannot tear my eyes away from the ballooning cloud and the destruction racing towards me. I feel fear in my heart.

Then I wake up.


Jane said...

I used to have dreams that obviously took place in the aftermath of a war. I was trying to make it safely through a bombed-out city, guiding a group of children and animals. I think they were really just overblown stress and responsibility dreams, but they seemed very real.

Denise said...

Wow. I once was in this relationship that I desperately wanted out of and I had a dream that I was swimming in a shark tank that I desperately wanted out of. Funny thing, same feeling.