Monday, January 09, 2006

Goofy...Now with Less Filter!

It's performance review time in Goofyville. Big fun! This time 'round, I got real brave and asked my on-site bosses for some feedback. This, as opposed to my off-site bosses, who actually do the review and bestow the raises on me. Don't ask. It's a strange deal.

Anyway... one of the on-site dudes said something that hit home. You know when someone tells you something about yourself and you do a big mental head slap, like DOH! I can't believe I hadn't realized that, yet it's so obvious. Well I had one of those moments.

What did he say? He said that I filter myself too much.

Since I had to ask him what he meant, let me explain....

I'm a pretty tactful person. Some folks (including readers of this blog) would call me "protected" or even "introverted". You'd never guess it by meeting me at first, since I'm a sociable kinda gal, but I have this knack of not really sharing anything very personal with folks until I know them really, really well.

So back to the "filter"...

He said that it was great that I had tact, yada, yada, good with the clients, blah, blah, blah... but with the current situation at our place of employment, there are some shakeups going on, and "being squeaky" (his words, not mine) would help me more than being tactful.

So his advice? Take off some of the filters! In other words, speak my mind! be squeaky! if my shorts are in a bunch, scream about it!

So look out! Who knows what will come outta my mouth now! (you've been warned!)


Cagey said...

What perfect timing! You can unveil the new Unfiltered You at this Saturday's Wino Book Club. hee hee

My sister and I call the Filtered Personality a "Stuffer" because they "stuff things inside". :-)

Dorothy said...

waiting with bated breath