Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stress..It's What's for Dinner

Dinner is one of my favorite, and also unfavorite things. When there is time to spare, it is a wonderful thing. Pour a glass of wine, start a few side items, assign Loving Husband to the grill to lovingly rub and grill some nice thick steaks. Then eventually everything is done and you sit down to a yummy, relaxing meal.

This almost never happens on a weekday.

Weekdays are more like this:
Me (looking in the fridge): What's for dinner?

Loving Husband: I dunno. How about peanut butter?

NOTE: I hate peanut butter. He knows this.

Junior: Peanut butter!!

Me: (looking in pantry): No way. What else do we have?

Junior: Cookies!!

Me: No, we don't eat cookies for dinner, silly!

Junior: (grins)

LH: How about tuna?

NOTE: I hate tuna. I know, I'm a picky little shit. Get over it.

Me: Try again. How about Sonic?

LH: Uh, okay.

Junior: Tator tots!! Yeah!

And we pile in the car and go to Sonic.

So I was more than a tiny bit interested when I started seeing these 'gourmet dinner' places that claim to provide you with 6 - 12 meals that feed 6 people each. Doing some quick math, I figured that since there are only three of us (me, Loving Husband and Junior), this could actually last us 12 - 24 meals...almost a whole month!

I checked out some of the websites. They had cheesy names like Dream Dinners and Super Suppers. Their dinners included items like Sweet Cider BBQ Chicken, Mango-Glazed Pork Chops and Sirloin Steak with Garlic & Herb Butter. Yum! I was getting excited about this. And only about $100 for 6 meals. That's like $3 a meal per person. Economical, too.

Then I figured out the 'catch'. You gotta cook the meals yourself! What?! They provide the kitchen, the ingredients, etc., but you have to find the time to go to their store, read the recipes, make the stuff, then carry it all home and plop it into your freezer. The very thought made me feel tired.

If one of these places would offer to make the food for me, deliver it to my home and put it in my freezer for me, now that would be something!

Any entrepreneurs out there looking for a good idea? Hello? Hello?

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Anonymous said...

I thought the cooking at home was a catch too, but I tried it anyway (I am tired of take out), and it turns out not to be too bad. You have to do a little planning and then your house smells wonderful from cooking. You also have to grocery shop for side dishes -- but with bagged salad and bread from the grocery it's pretty easy.