Thursday, January 05, 2006

Einstein...Baby Einstein

We all know it and love it. It's like crack for babies and toddlers. They just can't get enough of that Einstein stuff. And there seems to be a Baby [Fill in the Blank] for every possible topic: Baby Shakespeare (poetry), Baby Noah (animals), Baby Picasso (art), ad nausem.

I started thinking of Einstein titles that you would never see. Here are some:

Baby Darwin
  • Exposes your baby to the wonder of evolution through Darwin's theories
    (not available in Kansas)
Baby Stern
  • Long-hair main character introduces the birds and bees with color and sound
  • Visually stimulating real-world objects

Baby Bush

  • Grammar can be fun!
  • Exposes your baby to sounds of foreign languages

Baby P. Diddy

  • Baby's first introduction to rap!
  • Features many of P. Diddy's favorite compositions, like Shiny Suit Man and If You Want This Money*

Baby Paris

  • Baby learns the value of money and power...and good shoes

...Are there any titles I've forgotten?

*These are real P. Diddy song titles...honest!


Cagey said...

Baby Brittany - baby's first intro into the "do's and don'ts" of dating.

Baby Nick and Jessica - baby's first intro into the "do's and don'ts" of marriage

Baby Bai Ling - baby's first intro into the "do's and don'ts" of fashion

It KILLS me when people act like their kid is going to be smarter just because they watch baby einstein. Yes, we have a few of the videos and they are cute and he LOVES them, but seriously, it's ENTERTAINMENT. We get the same rise out of the kid when we watch football, CNN and oddly enough, Survivor.

Dorothy said...

Baby Bjork - What Not To Wear On the Red Carpet

Baby DeLay - Into to Ethics

Baby Turner - A Multi-media Playground